5 Steps To Save A Dead Digital Marketing Campaign

digital marketing campaign

Your Digital Marketing Campaign Is Dead!
Follow These Tips To Save It.

5 Steps To Save A Dead Digital Marketing Campaign
You need to run a digital marketing campaign for your business. You
bump into a self-proclaimed digital strategist who, in bestowed wisdom, creates
a campaign for six channels.

Months later, you still can’t show anything for it. Your business has
no return on investment, no social media followers, no traffic, no sale
conversion, and no increase in email subscribers.

But what could be wrong? The strategist can’t explain; you’re
frustrated. What do you do?

If the above description explains your frustration, worry no more. But let’s first face it, your digital marketing campaign is dead!

This article explains why your marketing strategy is dead and what you can do about it.

And yes, these steps are proven and tested.

Here at TechFyBiz, we’ve been helping businesses achieve ROI and
marketing goals through these steps. Want to achieve your marketing goals
quickly? Continue reading

Your Digital Marketing Campaign Is

A digital marketing campaign is a strategy that aims to increase traffic, boost brand awareness, and drive sales. The system is not complex but requires a well-orchestrated plan to increase your chances of success.

Otherwise, your strategies will be dead even before you get started. But how do you tell that your digital marketing campaign is dead?

Here is a rule of thumb; if your digital campaign isn’t achieving its purpose, it’s dead!
Let’s take this scenario, for example.

You initiate a digital marketing strategy to interact with your ecommerce store and possibly purchase a few products from the platform. The strategist advises investing heavily in social media ads, especially Facebook.
However, four months into the campaign, you have no noticeable increase in your website’s traffic. Worse, the marketing budget takes a considerable share of your monthly revenue.

If such as scenario describes you, then your marketing strategy is dead! Come to peace with that 🙂
But you probably already knew that it was dead, right? This guide will help you save it, strategize and achieve your goals within months!

5 Steps To Save A Dead Digital
Marketing Campaign

5 Steps To Save A Dead Digital Marketing Campaign
The steps may
be technical, so you need a digital marketing agency to help you. TechFyBiz has
saved dead campaigns for years; therefore, if there is someone you need to call
for help, it’s TechFyBiz.

Redefine Your Goals

We know what you’re thinking; “I already know my goals!” Why would you waste my time discussing such an obvious point?

But let me remind you that your digital marketing campaign failed in the first place because of misplaced goals. Remember this quote by Lewis Caroll.

“ If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

5 Steps To Save A Dead Digital Marketing Campaign
Defining your goals is a primary factor. So, stop treating it secondary, and you’ll witness your campaign rekindle. But you might ask, “how am I supposed to set my goals?”

To define your digital marketing campaign goals, ask: “What do I aim to achieve?”

Some common digital marketing goals include improving conversion, growing email lists, getting more followers, increasing ranking keywords, etc. Pick a more specific goal that resonates with your niche.

For example;
To drive 500 visitors to my website within a month.
Gain 1000 more followers on Facebook by January 2022.
Set a small achievable goal that has timelines set in place. I’d advise running a single campaign at first until you’ve mastered the art.

Evaluate Your Target Market

Your strategy could be dead due to a misplaced target market as well. For your plan to be successful, you should never guess your market.
Your business needs to know who it is you’re selling to. What’s the prospects’ ideal persona?
You need to understand the demographics of the person you’re marketing to. Or otherwise, you’ll be frustrated with a dead campaign again!

One of the biggest mistakes most strategists make is thinking that having a huge budget can replace knowing your market. This approach doesn’t work, and if by chance it does, it’s by luck. In the long run, you’ll have wasted too much money.

I presume you don’t want to live your success to fate, or do you?
But how do you know your target market? How do you create perfect prospect personas that work?

The best strategy is to start with what works. Start by establishing the personas of your current customers. Make the persona as descriptive as humanly possible.
The persona should include age, occupation, class, and family situation, among other variables. Other factors to include in the persona are hobbies, interests, and a simplified demographic.

Here is an example of a persona:

  • Name: John Mwangi
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 30
  • Location: Roysambu
  • Occupation: Bank Manager
  • Salary: Ksh. 150K/ month
  • John is a bank manager at a bank in Nairobi and would love to invest in land and build a home before he’s 35. He lives in Roysambu and is looking for a property within Kiambu County within 2Km from the main road. He would appreciate the property dealer offering partial payments.

Make a comprehensive persona with every detail that your campaign strategist may need. If possible, use some avatars or images to help visualize the person.

Evaluate Your Delivery Channels

The third probably reason why your digital marketing campaign could be dead, can be attributed to the channels you use.

Focusing on multiple in your first campaign can be overwhelming, especially with the numerous metrics. It is advisable to focus on one or utmost two channels.

But what should you do to ensure you use the right delivery channel? It’s now time to use the persona.
5 Steps To Save A Dead Digital Marketing Campaign
Which channel does your ideal customer use the most? The channel can be a social media platform, a video-sharing platform, or even more targeted marketing.

The social channels include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Other platforms include content marketing, Google Ads, email marketing, and more.

Your channel should heavily target the campaign and the prospect’s persona. For example, if you aim to increase email subscribers by 1K within a month, the best channel is content marketing.

Content marketing allows you to offer value like research or downloadables in exchange for emails. There may be other options depending on the situation at hand.

Reinvent Your Content Assets

Have you found out why your digital marketing campaign is dead yet? If you haven’t, check out your content.

Irrespective of your campaign strategy, the content must be top-notch. There is no compromise about that.

The content assets you create, whether video, image, or readable, must offer value to the customers. Otherwise, the client won’t engage your campaign.

Let’s break this down further;
If you aim to grow traffic and visibility on the SERP, you need to create a content marketing strategy as part of your campaign. The content strategy requires you to create a series of optimized blog posts.

You must create, edit, and publish videos if your digital marketing campaign leans towards using a video-sharing platform such as Youtube, Instagram, or even Facebook.
Whichever strategy you choose, it should address the persona you created. Go overboard and be creative.
And before you ask, no, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel in your marketing strategies. Just be creative and prepare informational content.

Kill The Dead!

Kill the dead digital marketing campaign. You eliminate a dead strategy to ensure it doesn’t continue draining your budget while giving no returns.

But before you do this, your digital strategy must have been running for some time. Also, if your strategy was working initially but slowly dying, you need to analyze your metrics and add a budget to the working channels.

Don’t waste money on strategies that are not working. It’s okay to kill some channels and save others. But don’t be fast at it; you need to observe and analyze the data of the various channels.

Use the data metrics to refine your digital marketing campaigns.


You don’t need any degree to realize that your digital marketing campaign is dead. You only need to analyze your metrics, and there’s no return on Investment.

On the other hand, saving it may require a lot of restrategizing. The first step is determining whether you set the right goal and market. Additionally, evaluate the delivery channels and ascertain that your target market uses them.

Lastly, don’t forget to revamp your content assets and allocate more budget to the best-performing channels.

Are you looking to revamp your digital marketing strategy for more success? Try out TechFyBiz. We have been helping businesses create and manage successful digital marketing strategies that guarantee Return on Investment.
5 Steps To Save A Dead Digital Marketing Campaign

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