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Mobile Apps: Game Changer For Businesses

mobile apps

Introduction Mobile phones have definitely revolutionized the tech industry in the 21st century, and with phones comes mobile apps have definitely been crucial in the business field within the last decade. Businesses have shifted from relying on Brick and Mortar systems to websites and now mobile applications. But first let’s take a walk down memory lane. Where did the mobile

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5 Steps To Save A Dead Digital Marketing Campaign

digital marketing campaign

Your Digital Marketing Campaign Is Dead! Follow These Tips To Save It. You need to run a digital marketing campaign for your business. You bump into a self-proclaimed digital strategist who, in bestowed wisdom, creates a campaign for six channels. Months later, you still can’t show anything for it. Your business has no return on investment, no social media followers,

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4 Lessons for E commerce Industry in Africa

4 Lessons for ecommerce in Africa

For a long time the global investors have viewed the African market as skeptical and late adopters to technology, e commerce included. However, in recent times there has been a significant rise in the African market trusting the platforms and shopping online. Despite there being several factors that have contributed to rise of e commerce in Africa, the major boost

Create A Brand In Kenya

Do you want to create a great brand that connects with your market, but don't know how to get started? Are you interested in scaling up your brand to even greater heights? Then you are in the right place. Our goal for this article is to break down the complexity in branding and give you an indepth insight of branding

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